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Auto Insurance in Minnesota

When residents of Minnesota are looking for auto insurance, it is important to consider some basic facts related to coverage. These can include state laws about insurance along with deductibles and the specific uses of various types of insurance. We have offices in Blaine, MN and Maple Grove, MN and any one of our agents can answer any questions you may have.

Auto insurance coverage requirements

In Minnesota, just like every other state, drivers must have at least some kind of basic liability coverage. This is to protect the public from damage that is caused by any driver during the course of an accident. If a car is older, or the driver owns the vehicle outright, it may be possible to only get liability insurance for the car.

If a car is financed, collision insurance is required as well. This is to protect the investment of the bank or the lender if there is an accident, because the car will be repaired. All collision policies also have a deductible, where the driver must pay for a certain portion of the repairs based on the amount stated in the policy. As a general rule, paying more for the policy upfront will cause the deductible to go down and the owner will have to spend less on out of pocket repairs.

Other types of coverage include comprehensive and emergency assistance. These optional types of coverage can protect against things like theft and vandalism, or a sudden emergency where the vehicle is stuck on the road and needs to be towed. Drivers may choose to add these forms of coverage for their policy for added convenience and protection.

Get assistance with a new auto insurance policy

To learn more about getting auto insurance coverage that works for you, contact an agent at Deluxe Insurance Group auto insurance. We have locations in the Blaine, MN and Maple Grove, MN areas.

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