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Classic Car Insurance in Minnesota

They sure don't build cars like they used to. The look and feel and even the smell of a classic car is truly a thing to behold. From classic Fords and Cadillacs of the 50s to pickups from the 30s and muscle cars of the 70s, there's just something about the look of yesteryear that continues to turn heads. However, insuring your classic car is different from insuring a modern vehicle. That is why you need to work with an insurance company that specializes in classic car insurance. If you live in Minnesota, stop by one of our offices in Blaine MN, or Maple Grove MN, and let our team at Deluxe Insurance Group be your Minnesota classic car insurance specialists.

Unique Insurance Needs

Your classic car has unique insurance needs. The parts are not often readily available, which makes it difficult to track down. You also need a mechanic who can work on your vehicle. This can make repairing your vehicle out-of-pocket extremely expensive. Having the right classic car insurance can help with this.

Not An Everyday Driver

Living in Minnesota you probably don't drive your vehicle every day. In fact, you might only bring it out a handful of times a year. This means you need insurance that covers you not only while it's in storage but when you're on the road.

Protect Your Classic Car Today

It doesn't matter what make or model you own when you have a classic car you need to protect it. From the expense of locating replacement parts to needing a specialized mechanic who can work with your vehicle, there are a number of unique expenses associated with classic cars. That is why you need an insurance policy built for your vehicle. At Deluxe Insurance Group, we thrive in classic car insurance and want to make sure your vehicle is protected. So, if you live in Minnesota, you can visit one of our offices in Blaine MN, or Maple Grove, MN and let our Minnesota staff help make sure you and your classic car are always protected.

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