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Protect Your Pet’s Health With a Pet Insurance Policy

If you have a pet, you probably consider them to be part of the family. They’re important to you, and you want them to be healthy and well. To help them have better medical care, you may want to consider pet insurance. If you’re in the Blaine, MN area and looking for an insurance policy for your pet, Deluxe Insurance Group can help. We understand the value of giving your pet the best in life and want to help you protect them as well as possible, for the long term.

Our knowledgeable agents are happy to talk with you about insurance plans that can benefit your pet and help with their medical care.

Pet Insurance: What You Need To Know

Preventative medicine is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy. But sometimes, they get sick or injured even with the best of care from you. If that happens, you want to be able to take your pet to the veterinarian right away and get them the proper level of help they need to feel better.

If you’re not sure what kind of pet policy you need, or you have other insurance questions about your pet, it’s important to talk to trusted professionals who can help you. We can help you find the right type and size of the policy, and can also look at any pet coverage you currently have, to see if there are adjustments that need to be made.

Give Us A Call

Reach out to us at Deluxe Insurance Group today, if you’re in the Blaine, MN area and in need of pet insurance. We can work with you on a policy that meets your needs. Then you can enjoy time with your pet, and also have the added benefit of additional peace of mind for the future.

What dog breeds need pet insurance?

Pet insurance can help you save money on your vet bills for dogs and other pets. When deciding whether to purchase insurance for your dog in Blaine, MN, you may want to take your dog’s breed into account. All breeds can benefit from pet insurance, but some breeds may be more worthwhile to insure than others. Some breeds may cost more to insure, and some may be more likely to develop medical conditions that require costly care. 

Additionally, sometimes pet insurance does not cover hereditary conditions, and it usually doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. 

How to know if pet insurance is worth it 

When deciding whether to purchase pet insurance or not, try to make an educated guess on the cost of healthcare for your dog with or without insurance. Ask Deluxe Insurance Group for a quote for your dog’s breed. Take that annual number and multiply it by your dog’s life expectancy. 

Then, research what conditions or health problems your dog is likely to face based on their breed. Talk to your veterinarian to estimate the cost of care for likely conditions as well as general care. 

Comparing these two numbers for your dog’s breed can help you determine if your dog needs pet insurance. In most cases, breeds that are less likely to need expensive care will also come with a lower insurance premium and vice versa. 

If you have a dog breed that has a higher insurance premium, it may be tempting to skip out on pet insurance. However, remember that these dogs are also more likely to require expensive care. If you don’t think you’ll be able to foot a vet bill that’s a couple of thousand dollars in a few years, pet insurance would be a good idea. 

Get Pet Insurance Coverage

For expert advice on pet insurance in Blaine, MN and surrounding communities, contact Deluxe Insurance Group today.

What Is The Difference Between Classic And Regular Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance provides coverage for vehicles under a certain model year. This type of coverage works well for cars with high restoration costs or collectible. It may be necessary to get classic car insurance if your car falls in the “collectible” category. These cars may also have high sentimental value, but they aren’t necessarily restored. 

Regular car insurance is for daily use. It offers the same levels of coverage as classic car insurance, but it is designed for cars that are driven often. This insurance usually has lower premiums than classic car insurance because it is expected to have more miles driven per year. To learn more, contact Deluxe Insurance Group in Blaine, MN. 

Who Needs Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is designed for cars that are 20 years or older. The insurance rates will be higher than regular insurance, and some companies may not even offer classic car coverage. Certain safety precautions must be taken when driving a classic car. Most importantly, the policy must be non-stacking, which means that if you cause an accident, your coverage will not be reduced. The rates for this type of policy tend to be higher than average, but the coverage comes with some significant benefits that may make it worth the cost. 

These policies tend to be a bit more expensive than average, but they come with significant benefits that may make them worth the cost. In addition, classic car insurance usually comes with an agreed-upon value that’s lower than the book value of the car. If the car is ever in an accident and it has to be replaced, you won’t have to come up with the difference between the book value and the agreed-upon value. 

Contact Us Today

Regular car insurance typically comes with a higher premium than classic car insurance. You’ll probably have to have a certain level of deductibles, but classic car insurance usually has a higher deductible than regular car insurance. Classic car insurance may be more affordable than regular car insurance if your car is worth more than a certain amount. 

Classic car insurance offers the same protection as regular car insurance, but it is designed to accommodate the owners’ needs of classic cars. It typically costs more than regular car insurance because classic cars are more expensive to repair if they are damaged. Give us a call at Deluxe Insurance Group serving Blaine, MN and surrounding areas for more insurance advice. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required?

With Minnesota home to an abundance of beautiful lakes and scenery, it is not surprising that the popularity of motorcycling has grown exponentially in recent years. Operating a motorcycle is far more challenging than a car because not only are you exposed to the elements with no modern safety equipment like airbags, but also you are only balancing on two wheels. Safely operating a motorcycle requires a heightened awareness of your surroundings from other motorists that may be distracted, to animals that could jump out in front of you, to sand, water and other elements on the road that could lead to an accident. Adequate insurance has never been more important than it is for motorcyclists and Minnesota requires that you carry at least minimum liability coverage to the tune of:

  • $30,000/$60,000 Bodily Injury Protection
  • $10.000 Property Damage Liability

Remember that these are only the minimum standards required by law and are likely to offer woefully inadequate coverage if you are involved in an accident. Therefore, Deluxe Insurance Group in Blaine, MN recommends that you purchase additional liability coverage to best protect your assets. Failure to have proof of insurance on your person or motorcycle after an accident or when stopped by a police officer can result in license suspension, fines, and even jail time for repeat offenders. Most motorcycle insurance policies will be mirrored to model personal auto policies and include collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage. Optional add-ons include coverage for custom equipment, roadside assistance, and OEM endorsement that requires your motorcycle to be repaired with new parts directly from the manufacturer.

For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, give the Deluxe Insurance Group a call or stop by our conveniently located office in Blaine, MN. We look forward to helping with all your insurance needs.

When Should I Review My RV Insurance?

Since your life isn’t static, why should your insurance remain the same from the day you bought it? It isn’t a “set and forget” insurance plan if you have invested in RV insurance. You should review your insurance policy at least once a year to ensure it covers your current insurance needs. Deluxe Insurance Group of Blaine, MN is here to give further guidance if you are unsure why and when you should review your RV insurance.

Why should I update my RV insurance?

You need to review your insurance to ensure that you pay for the proper coverage. This means that you are not overpaying or underpaying your insurance. This way, you will have the right balance of the premiums paid versus the risks faced.

Secondly, you need to update your insurance policy to smooth the claim process. Reviewing your insurance with your current needs ensures that your information is up to date and there isn’t any vague information to complicate your claim process.

When should I update my RV insurance?

You should always have a second look at your RV insurance at least once every year. However, sometimes you can update your RV insurance immediately when specific changes happen. Be ready to update your RV insurance if:

  • You reside in your RV full time
  • Change in personal details, including your name and location
  • You are staying with your pet in your RV
  • After the significant remodeling of your RV
  • When you buy additional personal items

Updating your RV insurance may increase your premiums, but the additional cost is negligible compared to your reviewed insurance coverage. Update your RV insurance today with Deluxe Insurance Group, and enjoy your RV stress-free because you know you are well-covered.

4 Reasons to Get a Valuables Policy on Top of Your Boat Insurance Policy

Do you intend to keep valuables on board your boat or watercraft? If you do, it’s a good idea to look into getting valuables coverage. You can talk to a knowledgeable agent from the Deluxe Insurance Group of the Blaine, MN area to get more information about this specific policy and much more. 

Find Out What’s Covered 

In many instances, the standard boat/watercraft policy you purchase won’t cover valuables. You’ll need to talk to your agent about the company’s offerings. If it doesn’t have a high enough coverage amount for items you may have on board such as a laptop, jewelry, and various equipment, you can get an additional policy that will safeguard you in the event there’s damage or a total loss of these items so that you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. The add-ons such as boat electronics that you put in likely won’t be covered by a basic policy. 

Don’t Double Up 

You won’t be able to add items onto your list for your valuables policy if you already have it covered under a different policy. If you’re unsure how this works, discuss your situation with an independent agent. You’ll also want to make sure that you create a top-notch inventory of what you’d like to have covered and provide your agent with proof of what each item costs. 

Valuables Boat Insurance Coverage You Can Trust 

When it comes to boat insurance policies, you can rely on Deluxe Insurance Group of Blaine, MN and beyond. We go above and beyond with our customers. Feel free to bring your questions and concerns to us. 

Common Errors In Flood Insurance Policies To Watch Out For

Deluxe Insurance Group serves the Blaine, MN community. We strive to ensure that our clients are protected against life’s challenges. We offer our clients multiple types of coverage that align with their individual needs. We have flexible policies that are evolving as our client’s needs change over time. We look forward to gaining your trust so that we can help you find the insurance coverage you need to live a comfortable life.

Common Errors In Flood Insurance Policies To Watch Out For

As a Blaine, MN resident, you are aware that severe weather can pass through the area during different points of the year. Thunderstorms often bring heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall can leave to flooding. Flood insurance covers your property if you are impacted by flood damage. The policy covers any necessary repairs to your property as a result of flooding. All of your personal items are covered if they suffer flood damage. However, you may need to add extra coverage if you have a lot of luxury items at your property, and they suffer damage. As you research flood insurance, pay attention to these common errors in flood insurance policies.

Flood insurance Only Covers People Who Own Homes

This is incorrect. Flood insurance covers damage to your personal items regardless of whether you own a home or you are staying at a rental property. If you are a business owner, flood insurance also covers any damage to your commercial property as well.

I’m Not Eligible Because My Property Has Been Damaged Before

If your property has been damaged by a previous flood, that does not disqualify you from being able to obtain flood insurance.

Deluxe Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about flood insurance.  

Do all people in Minnesota need motorcycle insurance?

Those that are in the Blaine, MN area may find that owning a motorcycle is a good idea. With a motorcycle, you can cruise around the community and enjoy the nice weather during the spring, summer, and fall months. If you want to get a motorcycle, it is also important to get insurance for it. Your motorcycle insurance plan will be required for a few reasons. 

Comply with State Law

One of the reasons that you should get insurance for your motorcycle is so you can comply with state law. If you are going to operate any type of vehicle in this state, you will have to continue to carry liability coverage. If you get a full motorcycle insurance policy, it will provide you with liability insurance that will keep you in compliance with state requirements. This will ensure that you can pay for damages in a collision and can help you avoid penalization.

Protect Your Investment

If you decide to purchase a motorcycle, you also are making an investment that you will want to enjoy and have paid off for a long time. If you get a full motorcycle insurance plan, it will provide you with the coverage necessary to replace or even repair your motorcycle if it is damaged or stolen. As it ultimately protects their collateral, your bank will also require you to have a full insurance plan if you have taken out a loan.

Those that are in the Blaine, MN area will always want to ensure they get a proper insurance plan for their motorcycle. If you are looking for a plan in this area, starting your search with the Deluxe Insurance Group will be helpful. The Deluxe Insurance Group can give any support that you need to build a plan that will keep you adequately covered and in legal compliance. 

Coverage for Minnesota Boat Insurance You May Not Know About

When you have a boat in Minnesota, you are not required to carry insurance on it unless your lender requires it. However, you might still want to have insurance coverage on it to protect you from the wide range of financial risks and liabilities you could have on the water.

At Deluxe Insurance Group, we want Blaine, MN boat owners to be able to have fun with their vessels without worrying about those liabilities. We can get you covered. There are a number of different options available for your boat insurance policy that you may not even know about.

Learn more about them here, and get your policy updated today.

Standard Coverage

The standard coverage for boats is liability coverage, which will cover you when you are in a collision and you are at fault. Liability coverage can also cover you if someone has an accident on your boat, or they are injured on your boat during an incident for which you are at fault.

You may also get some personal property protection coverage for your boat. Liability coverage will cover another party in the event of a collision, this coverage will cover yours.

Liability coverage could also cover you for spills and cleanup costs. If you spill fuel or oil into water, you may be fined for cleanup costs that can be covered by insurance.

Agreed value coverage is something you should discuss with your insurance broker. You may choose between the actual cash value and the agreed value. Actual cash value will refer to the cash value you could get for your boat that will reflect depreciation. The agreed value will be covered for a value for your boat that you and your insurance agent will agree on.

Emergency Towing

Emergency towing coverage will provide tows for your boat when you are stranded on the waters and need to be towed to shore. 

Broad Navigation Limits

This coverage allows you to go outside of the standard navigation limits of your current location. Your vessel is typically confined to a specific geographic area. If something happens and you are outside of that limit, this coverage will cover you from that risk.

Get a Quote

When you have a boat, you want to have the coverage you need for every possible risk. At Deluxe Insurance Group, we help Blaine, MN residents get the best coverage possible for their needs so that they can enjoy the water without the worry of risk. Call us for a quote today.

A Simple Guide to Your Flood Insurance

Do you have flood insurance for your home yet? If not, you need to call us at Deluxe Insurance Group near Blaine, MN, to get help. We can provide you with the guidance that you need to choose a high-quality policy option that will keep you from experiencing complications with your home.

Why You Need Flood Insurance 

The National Flood Insurance Program is a unique setup created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help people who experience floods. This network of around 60 insurance companies will provide policies covering various situations and giving money for damages. 

And this problem is vital to consider because floods are more common than you may think. Even if you don’t live within a flood zone, you could experience this dangerous problem. Without it, you’re going to end up with a lot of damage that could cost you a lot of money to fix correctly.

Finding a Great Policy 

The first step you need to take is to research a few different policy options. Many insurance companies provide coverage for a surprisingly reasonable price or may work with your home insurance policy to create a supplement that kicks into gear whenever a flood impacts your area unexpectedly.

Just as importantly, you must find an agent who you can trust. Try to find an insurance broker specializing in flood policies and who understands how to set them up. In this way, you can produce the kind of high-quality help needed to keep your home safe from the potential dangers of floods.

Let Us Help You

Don’t let your home get impacted by the dangers of a flood. Instead, contact us at Deluxe Insurance Group serving Blaine, MN. Our team will work with you to find a policy that suits you and produce the kind of high-quality option that makes the most sense for your needs as a homeowner.

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