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What Is The Difference Between Classic And Regular Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance provides coverage for vehicles under a certain model year. This type of coverage works well for cars with high restoration costs or collectible. It may be necessary to get classic car insurance if your car falls in the “collectible” category. These cars may also have high sentimental value, but they aren’t necessarily restored. 

Regular car insurance is for daily use. It offers the same levels of coverage as classic car insurance, but it is designed for cars that are driven often. This insurance usually has lower premiums than classic car insurance because it is expected to have more miles driven per year. To learn more, contact Deluxe Insurance Group in Blaine, MN. 

Who Needs Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is designed for cars that are 20 years or older. The insurance rates will be higher than regular insurance, and some companies may not even offer classic car coverage. Certain safety precautions must be taken when driving a classic car. Most importantly, the policy must be non-stacking, which means that if you cause an accident, your coverage will not be reduced. The rates for this type of policy tend to be higher than average, but the coverage comes with some significant benefits that may make it worth the cost. 

These policies tend to be a bit more expensive than average, but they come with significant benefits that may make them worth the cost. In addition, classic car insurance usually comes with an agreed-upon value that’s lower than the book value of the car. If the car is ever in an accident and it has to be replaced, you won’t have to come up with the difference between the book value and the agreed-upon value. 

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Regular car insurance typically comes with a higher premium than classic car insurance. You’ll probably have to have a certain level of deductibles, but classic car insurance usually has a higher deductible than regular car insurance. Classic car insurance may be more affordable than regular car insurance if your car is worth more than a certain amount. 

Classic car insurance offers the same protection as regular car insurance, but it is designed to accommodate the owners’ needs of classic cars. It typically costs more than regular car insurance because classic cars are more expensive to repair if they are damaged. Give us a call at Deluxe Insurance Group serving Blaine, MN and surrounding areas for more insurance advice. 

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