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3 Things to Know about Classic Car Insurance

Classic car events are popular in Blaine, MN, and the greater Minneapolis area. At Deluxe Insurance Group, we understand both the satisfaction and pleasure of driving one of these classic beauties. Before you set out to operate one on the road, there are a few things you should know about classic car insurance in Minnesota. 

State Law Defines the Qualified Years 

Each state defines what years are a classic, vintage, or antique classification. Each classification may have different registration requirements based on whether the vehicle is deemed to be a restoration or a kit car. 

In Minnesota, cars manufactured from 1925-1948 fall into the classic category. Other vehicles elsewhere defined as a classic car can include:

  • those with refined design or high engineering standards used in manufacturing
  • those created with superior craft and artistry
  • those operated exclusively with the intent of being used as a collector’s item

Not All Kinds of Vehicles are Defined as Classic

Local laws determine which vehicle types are classic and which ones are not. According to Minnesota state law, all commercial vehicles will not qualify as a classic. Vehicles that fall into this category include things like: 

  • commercial trucks or vans 
  • ambulances
  • hearses and more

Classic Military Vehicles

Military vehicles are treated a little differently. Being defined as a classic vehicle also falls into specific requirements for each state. In Minnesota, a military vehicle is a classic if the rig is: 

  • at least 20 years old
  • the first owner of the vehicle was a branch of the United States military
  • is currently owned by a non-profit organization as a collector’s item only

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