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When is RV Insurance Required?

As a new owner of a recreational vehicle in Blaine, MN, you might be wondering when you need to have RV insurance. Deluxe Insurance Group has seen that many people have been struggling with this issue and have always been focused on offering the required solution. If this is something that has been disturbing you, here are some essential factors that you need to understand. 

When You Own an RV

If you own an RV, you are automatically required to have RV insurance by your state. It is essential to know that you cannot drive on the roads without the needed liability insurance coverage. However, at this time, you might just have basic insurance to cover some liabilities. The level of coverage that you may have depends on the state, but there are a few minimums you need to meet. 

When You Rent RV

Many people think that when they rent a recreational vehicle, they do not need insurance coverage. This is the wrong perception that has led many people into trouble. When you have a rented RV, you should know that the responsibility lies with you. However, you can always check with your RV renting company to see whether insurance extends to the rented car. 

Financed RV

If your recreational vehicle has been financed by one of the leading financial organizations, they’ll make sure that you have the necessary insurance. Lenders require that you have full coverage because they do not want to count losses when the recreational vehicle is written off in a fatal accident. 

However, it is crucial to indicate that there are some instances when recreational vehicle insurance might be optional in Blaine, MN. Deluxe Insurance Group can help you to understand these instances and whether you need to take any risks in such situations. Contact us for more information about this coverage.

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